HAAS Turret Wedges

HAAS Turret Wedges
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Category: Turret Wedges

SKU Description Tool SizeL1L2H1B1Bolt Size Quote
TW H.75X1.90X1.15

HAAS Turret Wedge

TW H1.0X1.90X1.15

HAAS Turret Wedges

TW H1.0X3.00X1.15

HAAS Turret Wedges

TW 1.0X80X50

HAAS Turret Wedges

1"80 mm50 mm25 mm11 mm3/8-16
TW 1.25X110X70-M12

HAAS Turret Wedges

1 1/4"110 mm70 mm30 mm13.5 mm1/2-13

Additional Information

Machine Brand: HAAS

Please contact sales@globalcnc.com for a non-manufacturing print.


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