BMT65 100mm CL Right Angle Driven Tool
  • External coolant flow
  • Made from alloy steel
  • Precision machined, hardened, and ground
  • Components included: Zeta wrench, Spindle wrench
  • Made in the USA
SKU Description Live Tooling SeriesLive Tooling StyleBolt Hole PatternSpindle OutputRPMRatioMaximum TorqueCoolant DeliveryID Centerline Height Quote

BMT65 100mm CL Right Angle Driven Tool

BMT65Axial (Right Angle)73mm x 70mmER3260001:1100nmExternal Coolant100mm

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Doosan (BMT65):
Doosan Puma GT3100 M
Doosan Puma 2100,2600(II) M/MS/Y/SY (BMT65)
Doosan Puma 3100 M/Y
Doosan Puma MX2000, 2500, 2600 T/ST/SY
Doosan Puma SMX2600, 3100 ST
Doosan Puma TT2000, 2500 MS/SY

Duplomatic (BMT65):
Duplomatic DM-TR-20-D12-380-BMT65/10

Goodway (BMT65):
Goodway GLS-2800-3300 M/Y/MS/YS
Goodway GMS-2000 ST (15 station turret)
Goodway GMT-2000
Goodway GS-2000 – 3300 M/Y/MS/YS (16 station turret)
Goodway GTH-2000, 2600 M
Goodway GTX/GTZ-2000, 2600 M/Y (12 station turret)

Hurco (BMT65):

Hynduai WIA (BMT65):
Hyundai WIA L2000, 2600, 3000Y/LY/SY/LSY
Hyundai WIA HD2600, 3100M/Y/SY (BMT65)
Hyundai WIA LM2000, 2500TTM/TTMS/TTSY
Hyundai WIA SKT200, 250TTM/MS/SY
Hyundai WIA SKT250, 300M/MS

Spinner (BMT65):
Spinner TC 800 SMCY (BMT65)

Takisawa (BMT65):
Takisawa Taiwan LA-250 YS II T15 (BMT65)
Takisawa Taiwan NEX-110Y (BMT65)

Tongtai (BMT65):
Tongtai TD-2000, 2500Y (12ST, BMT65)
Tongtai TMT 2000 (BMT65, turret 2)

Victor (BMT65):
Victor VTurn-A26SCM, YSCM
Victor VTurn-S26CM