BMT55 60CL Multi Spindle Right Angle Driven Tool
  • External coolant flow
  • Made from alloy steel
  • Precision machined, hardened, and ground
SKU Description Live Tooling SeriesLive Tooling StyleBolt Hole PatternSpindle OutputRPMRatioMaximum TorqueID Centerline HeightCoolant Delivery Quote

BMT55 60CL Multi Spindle Right Angle Driven Tool

BMT55Dual Spindle Axial/Right Angle64mm X 64mmER2580001:140nm60 mmExternal Coolant

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Doosan (BMT55):
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Doosan Lynx 2600 SY (12ST)
Doosan Lynx 2600 Y/SY (16ST)
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Doosan Puma 1500,2000,2500 M/MS/Y/SY
Doosan Puma 2100,2600(II) M/MS/Y/SY (BMT55)
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