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product line portfolio

The Global CNC Product Line Offering:  Everything you Need for your CNC Lathe Tooling!

  1. Bolt On Tool Blocks for All Machines:    Global CNC offers a Complete Line of Block Tool Holders - both OD & ID Styles - for All Makes & Models of Machines.  Whether your Machine is New or Old, Made in the USA or from Overseas - we have the Tool Block for you.  All Tool Blocks are Made in the USA in Michigan from Raw Bar Stock . These Blocks are Precision Machined  & Ground.    Excellent Quality!    Great Price!   Simply provide our Sales Department with the Machine Make & Model & Bolt Hole Pattern Dimensions if available and we will get you the Part specifically designed for your Machine.  We Guarantee the Fit - while it is not easy to make these Tool Blocks with the Bolt Holes perfectly concentric to the ID - we have perfected the Process with Fixturing to deliver the highest Quality products to our Customers.

  2. Live Tooling Repair:    Let our In-house Engineers restore your Broken Driven VDI Tool Holder to New Performance Standards. We  Guarantee our Work 100%   & Quote the Live Tooling Repair Free of Charge.  We have a dedicated Masters Degreed Engineer that Repairs & Tests all Live Tooling.  Our Prices are Most Competitive and our Delivery takes merely 1 to 2 days to Quote and 1 to 3 weeks to Repair (depending on the repair requirements).  Free Repair Cost Evaluations!

  3. Custom Live Tooling:    Need a Special Driven VDI Tool Holder? We will make whatever Special Live Tooling you Require at our Company Headquarters located in Michigan.  Let our Engineers do the design work; simply convey your requirements to us and then leave the rest to us.  We will manufacture your Special Live Tooling to the highest Quality Specifications & Complete with all Accessories. We Guarantee our Work 100%.  Driven VDI & Live Tooling Made in the USA by Global CNC Industries, Ltd. - Your Number One Source for Lathe Tool Holders.

  4. Standard Live Tooling:    Global CNC has teamed up with a Top Rated Manufacturer to bring you the Best Driven VDI Tool holders at the Best Prices. All components are of the highest Quality including the Angular Contact Bearings. Best of All; we can offer Standard Driven VDI Tooling for Any Machine! Simply let us know your Machine Make & Model; Radial or Axial; ER Required Size & External or Internal Coolant & Ratio. We will match your Request to our product perfectly. An unprecedented Two Year Warranty of Parts & Labor accompanies each Tool Holder sold.

  5. Static VDI Tool Holders:    Global CNC manufactures a Complete Line of DIN 69880 Face Mounted Static VDI Toolholders.  This Style VDI Tool Holder is mounted on the Face of the Turret. Fits all Machines including Okuma - except Mazak & Nakamura. Global CNC offers Standard Special Configuration VDI for both the Mazak Machines & Nakamura Tome Machines.  We have a complete offering of Turning Tool Holders, Boring Bar Holders & Collet Chucks.  Unsure of which Form to Select; Contact our Technical Sales Department at 800-992-1195 and they will step you through the process easily.  We Offer "Form" B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, C1, C2, C3, C4, D1, D2, E1, E2, E3, E4 etc...

  6. Okuma Style VDI - Side Mounted Turrets:    Global CNC offers a complete line of Peripheral Mounted VDI Toolholders to fit your Okuma Machines.  Made for the L370 & L470 Machines.  Side Adjustment Plate included. On the Peripheral Mounted VDI; the ID is Perpendicular to the VDI Shank. 

  7. Hardinge Style VDI - Side Mounted Turrets:    Global CNC manufactures a complete line of 30mm & 40mm VDI for Peripheral Mounted applications for the Hardinge Machines.  The centerline distances vary from the Okuma Style above.  On this Peripheral Mounted VDI; the ID is Perpendicular to the VDI Shank. 

  8. Mazak Integrex & SQT VDI:    Global CNC offers the Complete Line of  50mm & 60mm VDI Shank Mazak Style VDI Holders for the Integrex Machines. 50Y & 70Y.  These are Face Mounted Holders.   Global CNC also makes all types of  SQT VDI Tool Holders that are Peripheral Mounted. We can cross-reference any Mazak Part Numbers. 

  9. Tool Holder Bushings:    Global CNC is the Nations Leading Manufacturer of CNC Lathe Tool Holder Bushings.  We offer All Styles - Z, C, CS, J, B, DD, L, LB, LBF, Boring Bar Sleeves, Taper Drill Sockets, 5C Collet Holders, Coolant Fed Bushings & Straight Shank Collet Chucks.  All Made in the USA!  We offer Metric / Inch Combinations as Standard and have most of them in Stock. 

  10. Stainless Steel Bushings:    New to our Product Line; C & J Style Bushings in Stainless Steel!  Never Rust Again.

  11. End Mill Extensions:    New to our Product Offering; End Mill Extensions for Mold Applications.  

  12. Solid Carbide End Mills:    We have the sizes our Competition does not - As Standards!  Uncoated, TiALN & TiN Coated.   Square or Ball End.  Sizes available by /64ths.  Made in the USA.

  13. Solid Carbide Boring Bars:    Positive 80 Degree Diamond, Positive Profiling & Positive Back Facing.  Thru Coolant & No Coolant Styles.

  14. Steel Boring Bars:    Positive 80 Degree Diamond, Positive profiling & Positive Back Facing.  Thru Coolant & No Coolant Styles.

  15. Custom Precision CNC Machining:    Looking to have your Job Shop Work completed in a Timely manner , to a High degree of Quality and at a Low Price? Then we are the place for you.  We are a Full Service Manufacturing Facility and would be pleased to Quote your Job.  We have State of the Art Mill / Turn Machines & Grinding Machines - not to mention a Skilled Veteran Workforce.  You can count on Global CNC for Any and All your CNC Machining Needs.

  16. Back Spotfacers and Back Counterbores and Countersinks:    Pilots for Back Spot Facers and Back Counterbores : Stub Tapers for Counterbores and Countersinks.